Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ultrasound and Blood Work #1

Even though I was dying in pain this morning due to my mouth I was really excited for my monitoring appointment. Today I saw Dr.Nash..... he said he was Dr.James' partner so I guess the two of them work closely together. This was the first dildo-cam date I have had that REALLY hurt. My left ovary had shifted and was hiding behind my uterus so it was really painful to get a picture of it. He told met that I had lots of small follicles in each of my ovaries and that was good at this point. There was no lead follicle yet but it is early. My e2 level came back at 126. I assume this is good because they decided to keep my follistim dose the same and not increase or decrease it. They also set up an order for progesterone suppositories.... thrilling hahahaha. I have heard that they are messy and uncomfortable but I will do anything at this point. I am glad that my new RE wants to treat my progesterone issues. I cant believe that in my last injectable cycle I was on these drugs:
1. Gonal-F
2. Ovidrel
3. Prenatal Vits

With my new RE I am on these meds:

1. Prenatal Vits daily
2. Metformin 2000mg daily
3. Dexamethasone 0.5mg daily
4. Follistim 175IU daily injection
5. HCG
6.Progesterone Suppositories

Such a difference a new doctor can make. Like I tell my patients: You are youre own best advocate for your medical treatment. I am glad I mustered up the balls to change REs.

I go back on sunday morning for another ultrasound and blood work!!!!

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