Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Clomid,

why must you prevent me from sleeping with your rampant hot flashes and middle of the night pain/cramping/stomach aching?!

I desperately want some good sleep but cant seem to get any! I have to say that I would be willing to try any medication to get a month off of the Clomid. I know that everyone responds differently to it but I dont react well. I have now had a constant headache for 9 days and am considering beheading myself (not really.....yet). I am ready for it to be wednesday so I can see what is cooking in these dysfunctional ovaries of mine. I think once I reach that point, if I have good follies, it will seem worth it and I will be able to deal better.... plus I usually dont have as many headaches by that point.

I went and picked up my syringes that the pharmacy had to order for me. The girl working there said to me "We have to order them for you.... you are like the only person that brings in prescriptions for them here!" I was thinking and actually said "Oh, lucky me." They came in and I picked them up and all is ready and waiting for trigger now.

Justin is home and it is SO nice to have him here. I indulged in some more garden therapy yesterday. Heres what we did:

We planted a weeping willow in the backyard in an area that has lots of moist soil and water (a low spot).

I got some phlox to make a pretty bed around my mailbox.

I got a hanging pot of GORGEOUS fuchsia but then got home and realized that they are for total shade (we dont have any shade) OOPS!

And I got a new perennial to put somewhere, haven't decided where yet. I also pruned my hydrangea and peonies and weeded our veggie garden. I love working in the yard.... helps me destress!


  1. Here from ICLW. Hope the Clomid goes well. Best wishes.

    Lovely flowers!

  2. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  3. Here from ICLW. I feel you on the Clomid - my husband has taken to sleeping with extra blankets since I have the AC cranked so low. He is also terrified of me since I rotate between crying and head spinning a la The Exorcist. Sorry to hear your IUI was cancelled after going through all the trouble with Clomid!