Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here goes nothing...

I wish I would have started this blog a long time ago because its hard to capture all that we have already been through. Justin and I never knew how hard it could be to start our family. Like most others we thought it was just a matter of throwing away the birth control and doing the deed. NOT THE CASE! We sought out help sooner than some IF couples do because I had been late/missing periods randomly over the previous 4 years and when it happened during one of our first couple months TTC my OBGYN thought that it might be good to look into the cause. Well it turns out that my progesterone is like NON-EXISTENT. We started small with 50mg of Clomid and month by month, cycle by cycle, we worked out way up to the 150mg we are using now because the smaller doses couldnt get me to ovulate.
I think the average person doesnt realize how hard it is to wait to conceive. It is a long road to get to the point of deciding that its the right time to start your family. Once you make this decision and the time is right you want to get the show on the road! One thing I am slowly starting to grasp is patience (not very well though). There arent really words to describe how painful IF is..... its like losing control of your own body and your ability to choose.
So here we are.... 1 year into our IF journey and still without many of the answers we so desperately want to know. I just underwent IUI 2 on friday so the 2 week wait is on. I have to get bloodwork on this friday to check my progesterone level to see if I ovulated and if I did only 5 more days till I can begin testing.... which any IF girl will tell you she does WAY too much.

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