Monday, April 19, 2010

We are OPEN for business

When I arrived at the hospital I had to wait for about 30 minutes before they registered me. I figured that I should go to the bathroom before my procedure because I had heard other women say be sure to empty your bladder. So, I went to find the bathroom and the women's room was "OUT OF ORDER". GREAT. So I waited and registered and then asked the girl who registered me where I could go to the bathroom since the women's room was out of order and she said that in the changing room that they will take me to there is a bathroom. I then sat in a different waiting room and waited to be taken back to the changing room. When the a nurse came out and got me she took me back to the changing room and gave me a hospital gown and robe and told me to go ahead and change and someone would come and get me. I changed and then went to go pee only to find that the only toilet was clogged, full of brown water, and smelly. GREAT. So I waited a few more minutes for the radiology nurse to come get me. I asked her where I could go to the bathroom since the lobby one was out of order and the one in there was clogged and nasty and she said there was a small bathroom in the procedure room/OR. So we got in there and I was like "thank god!" I didnt really have to pee but I wanted to make sure that my bladder was empty since everyone told me it should be. So I went to the bathroom and then went to wash my hands and there was no soap in the dispenser. SCREW YOU OHIO HEALTH. I am going to pay upwards of $1,600.00 for this shit! I thought that was terrible.

The procedure went well. I am not going to lie, IT HURT. I guess I just tell myself that the pain is worth it. NO PAIN NO GAIN! My RE walked in and shook my hand (as usual) and said "Hello Danielle". Im sorry but I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with you and been seeing you since like november!? it really upset me but whatever. He warned me that the hospital speculum was bigger than the one in his office but I thought "how different could it be?" Well let me tell you.... it was different!!!! It KILLED. As usual my cervix wouldnt cooperate and it took him a lot of pushing and moving to get to work. DARN CERVIX! Then they put some sort of clamp, or as the RE called it a "pincher", on my cervix which makes you clamp down and cramp immediately. They use betadine and sterilize your insides then they insert the catheter and they start injecting dye which basically feels like a constant sharp cramp. They let me watch the screen with them and walked me through it and showed me everything which helped the pain pass faster. Overall, its done!!!!!!! thank goodness.

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