Monday, April 12, 2010

Oopsie daisies...

Last night I tossed around the idea of POAS this morning but I promised myself that wouldnt. I really really decided not to. Well this morning when I woke up I POAS.... BOOOOO! Why did I have to start the marathon so soon? I was only 10dpIUI and I wanted to start on 12dpIUI because if you POAS on 14dpIUI it is supposed to be totally accurate. Well, it was negative but I used a really junky one that had blue lines. From what I hear the pink dye ones are the most sensitive and the digital really should wait till 14dpIUI to be used. I am hoping that it was just negative because it was too early for the HCG to be detected.

Somehow my brain has really convinced me that this cycle worked and I think I am setting myself up to be REALLY REALLY devastated. Why do I do this?! I am planning on waiting to test again on wednesday but I find myself wanting to use a pink dye one in the morning. Like I said before..... Let the POAS marathon begin!

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