Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a really nice Easter with our families today. We went to Justin's parents house and I cooked with my mother-in-law and then later in the day my parents came over to join us. While we were cooking Justin's dad made at least 5 comments about grandchildren (he always does) and then Justin's mom said to him "I dont mean to rush you but I am REALLY ready for some grandchildren." We have not shared anything about our IF with our parents so I cant blame them for comments but I just wanted to say "I wish I could give you some grandkids but it appears that may never happen." I just wish that that there was no such thing as INFERTILITY!!!!!!! My parents even talked about grandkids today, which they never do. If only they knew I think it would break all of their hearts because Justin and I are both only-children..... aka we are their only hope of grandkids. Their odds arent as good as they may think :(

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