Monday, April 26, 2010

Just another manic monday

Some days I question whether my boss cares about my safety! Some of the places that he sends me are so sketchy!

I have my follie scan on wednesday and I am getting really really nervous to see what ive got cooking in there. Im worried to get no large or mature follies like with IUI#1. DH is actually in town this week and I think that I might have him come with me, he has not seen a follie scan with me. IT IS SO NICE HAVING HIM HERE even though he drives me crazy at times ;) (love you hunnie).

One of the girls who is extremely active and helpful on the IF board got a positive beta today!!!!! (Congrats if you are reading) It gives me such hope! She is such a wonderful and supportive girl who deserves this so much. Its times like that that I remember there is a goal to all of this pain and suffering.


  1. Stopping by for ICLW :) Good luck with your scan!! And yes, definitely have your husband come with you! I am very fortunate in that RE's office is literally 5 minutes away from DH's work place, so he is always able to be at my appointments. Having him there is great -- he is able to REALLY see what is going on each cycle and feel completely in the know. It helps me to feel like we're a team. Then again, I see plenty of women in RE's office by themselves, so I think everyone is different! I think you'll find it to be really nice, though :) GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. And by the way, BEAUTIFUL wedding dress!

  3. keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    i hope that you will be pushing that stroller soon.

  4. Grow follies grow!!! Keeping everything crossed for your scan today!