Friday, April 9, 2010

A POAS marathon it shall be

At about 8:15 this morning I woke up to my phone ringing. I saw that it was my REs office so I answered. My Progesterone came back around 22 (I cant remember the exact number because I was so flustered). YAY!!!! This is the best result I have gotten to date and I am thrilled! That means that I ovulated and should have had 2 good mature eggs in there..... I hope those spermies are doing their job. So what all of this really means is I am going to be POAS like crazy next week, I try to restrain but I can never help myself. I want to try and make it to wednesday before I test the first time, that will be 12dpIUI and the earliest the trigger is out and the results can be accurate I think.

This is the first time this cycle that I really have hope. Before I was just waiting for this blood test and now that I passed that hurdle Im back to the waiting...ahhhhh it is maddening. I was so excited this morning that I couldnt go back to bed, so here I am on my computer =)

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