Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hopeful Today

Today each time I thought about our IF journey I was hopeful, I dont have many days like that and so that made it a great day. I cant help but think about a friend of mine who got a BFN after her 1st IVF.... I just keep thinking how she must feel and wondering how my IUI could work when IVF didnt even work. Her BFN has hit me extra hard because we talk so much and really cheer each other on. She told me that she hopes this cycle is it for me, I cant help but think how hard it will be if I get my BFP to tell her and celebrate when I wanted her to have a BFP with me.
Justin seems to mention "baby" things more often and I think he has finally become impatient and ready for this to happen. He has always been on board but when we decided to TTC he was nervous and wasnt in a huge hurry.... he said he likes trying (hahaha). Well, I think he is over the trying and ready to have our baby here. He talks about how he wants to start coaching a highschool hockey team around here to get practice for coaching our SONs hockey team (he is convinced and PRAYING that we have a boy while I really want a little girl). I like hearing him talk like this.... makes me realize that even though he doesnt verbalize or share his frustrations at all that he is feeling some of what I am feeling.

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