Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oops I did it again...

I POAS this morning, BAD LINDSEY! It was negative. My whole outlook on it changed today and I am pretty convinced that this IUI didnt work for me. Why?! What is wrong with me that I cant get pregnant on the best cycle I have had so far. Will it ever work? Will I ever be a mom? I wish I had these answers.......

Justin is out of town all the time it seems and I am getting really tired of doing it all alone, its hard enough in the first place without being separated. I know that if he had the choice he wouldnt travel as much as he does so im not upset with him more so with his job.

He is going to be gone all this week (left monday morning at 4am) and all of next week. This week he is in Pittsburgh PA which is only about a 3 to 3.5 hour drive from our house. Since I dont have to work wednesday this week I decided that I would go visit him and we could have a date night on tuesday night and then I wanted to see my friend, Nici, tomorrow if she wasnt working. Well I got here and it was so nice to see him! We went to the Haufbrauhaus which was a REALLY neat experience.... he tried their hefeweizen, a wheat beer, and we tried lots of different German food. I had a really good time. I found out that Nici has to work tomorrow but said that she wanted to go for drinks tomorrow night so I have decided to stay till thursday morning and drive straight to work. Anyways, I will probably POAS again tomorrow just to agonize myself further, BLAH! Off to watch tv and spend time with JD.

Goodnight All!

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