Monday, April 5, 2010

I dont feel anything!

After my first IUI I had lots of cramps and pain for about 10 to 12 days.... I actually called the REs office to make sure that there wasnt something wrong! I had IUI #2 on friday 4/2/10 and I feel NOTHING.... is this a bad sign?! I cant help but worry that maybe something didnt go right because I havent felt anything since the day of IUI. Its probably my brain over-thinking everything (me.. NEVER) but I cant help but worry about it!
I am already starting to worry about my bloodwork that I have to go get on Friday. They are going to check my progesterone to see if I ovulated. Any value at 7dpIUI over 15 is supposed to show ovulation. IUI #1 at 7dpIUI my progesterone came back at 1.5. This was worse than my unmedicated progesterone.... I was extremely upset and extremely discouraged. All the money that we spent on the cycle was for nothing. If my RE didnt get me to ovulate this time I dont know if I will have any hope for any future IUIs. When I was in the office for my IUI I asked Dr W. what we would do if I didnt ovulate again this cycle. He said that we would probably move to a full injectible cycle with trigger and IUI.... this means shots almost every day... YIPEE! Just what everyone wants to do; give themself shots all the time. I guess at least I would feel like a totally new treatment approach may work.
I really shouldnt be thinking about next cycle but every cycle I get myself all excited thinking that "this is it for us!" and then I get horribly disappointed when I get my BFN. This cycle I am trying not to convince myself that I am pregnant and just be hopeful but assume Im probably not. Sounds depressing but it I am hoping that it will help in the end because I just get too upset with each BFN or low progesterone.
I am going for the blood test on friday and usually I get my results the next day but I dont know if they will call me a saturday to give them to me??? Saturday is my birthday for a good progesterone that shows ovulation would be the BEST gift but at the same time getting a bad one could really ruin the day. I hope they call on friday =(

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  1. Read this blog. This lady's situation is a little bit different from yours (because she has lost an infant child to cancer) but she is now going through the same treatments you are to get pregnant again. May be another person you can communicate with. I follow her blog weekly.