Monday, April 5, 2010

My IF boards girls

I am SO thankful for the wonderful girls that I met on the IF board.... I think that they are the most supportive and strong women! I honestly dont know what I would do if I didnt have them to talk to.... they answer questions, provide support, and most of all listen (or read haha). Someone who has not experienced infertility may think that they understand how someone dealing with IF feels but I promise you..... they dont. The feeling is indescribable and knowing that there are people out there who are dealing with the same thing is so comforting. When I read a BFN post that one of my girls writes it is HEARTBREAKING, it almost feels like I got a BFN. The same goes for BFPs.... they feel like a victory even though it was MY BFP. I never knew that I would create such strong bonds with the girls on the board, but I am SO thankful that I did. If you girls are reading this I want you to know that you girls are the reason that I have the strength to go through this IF journey, and I love you all.


  1. It is a great support group! Lots of love

  2. I am sooo glad that you have found a group of people to talk to that truly do understand what you are going through. I am always here to listen to you throughout this journey but like you said, if you haven't gone through it, you don't REALLY know how it feels. I can only imagine. I'm here for you 100% friend! <3 you!!